The Lovely Eggs @ STEREO // 27.05.22

Attending a Lovely Eggs concert is quite the cathartic experience, the garage rock due that consists of the married Lancashire duo, Holly Ross and David Blackwell both seem to be brimming with joy at the aspect of having so many fans together again to play live to. There are many points during the set where Holly ushers more fans top the front of the stage pointing fun at ‘those types that like to stand with their arms folded and their view interrupted’ tonight is indeed all about shared experiences and commonality. The crowd is after all composed of fans that have undoubtedly followed the band since their conception in 2006.

Opening track ‘Witchcraft’ see’s the jubilant pair exuding the same energy as a coked up whippet, this is clearly a band who love to perform. The opening track is a slice on high tempo grunge rock and roll that the bands are known for. Next up is ‘Still Second Rate’ which see’s Holly doing some impressive leg kicks whilst simultaneously playing each note at break neck speed.

David’s drumming is also commanding. For two people and a gong The Lovely Eggs sure do pack a punch. Tracks like ‘Slug Graveyard’ showcase the indie, low-fi grunge that the band are known for. ‘Magic Onion’ sees a mass singalong, with it’s easy to repeat chorus.

Other stand out tracks included, ‘Wiggy Giggy’, ‘You Can Go Now’ and ‘This Decision’. The set is perforated with lots of good-humoured, banter, there is a funny anecdote about middle aged crowd surfing and songs dedicated to fans who aren’t with us tonight. AT ONE POINT Holly spots a fan close to the back of the audience who she asks the crowd to cheer for as his dancing is spectacular, he is then ushered to the front of the stage. It really gives the performance a genuine community feel.

Ultimately the set closer of ‘Food’ an upbeat bop about chewing food serves as a reminder of what exactly it is that The Lovely Egg’s have to offer, an upbeat, not too serious reminder to enjoy the little things in life. The band perform a short encore comprised of, ‘I’m With You’ and ‘Return of the Witchcraft’ which pleases the eager crowd and ends the set on a high note.

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