Tropical Fuck Storm @ Stereo // 26.05.22

I can’t help but think if the B52’s were from the modern era and had an industrial punk/psych rock sound…they’d be Tropical Fuck Storm. The Australian band consisting of Garreth Liddiard, Fiona Kitchin, Lauren Hammel, and Erica Dunn produce a sound that is chaotic, loud, and feverish.

Tropical Fuck Storm’s songs are at times bizarre with satirical lyrics backed by experimental noise which oddly captures the uncertainty of the modern age and the weirdness of the fringes of society. No subject matter is off limits. The most recent album titled “Deep State” explores just that, the deep state. The music is certainly in part a commentary on how fringe beliefs or opinions are becoming mainstream with lyrics referencing topics like Q Anon, conspiracy theories, the capital riots, or state surveillance.

“G.A.F.F” or “Give A Fuck Fatigue” talks about the exhausting burnout experience of the negative news cycle that you simply stop caring. In “New Romeo Agent” Erica Dunn sings about a human spy infiltrating an alien society and falling in love with an alien. “Suburbopia” explores the experience of belonging to a suicide cult.

With Stereo packed wall-to-wall with fans and the music volume up as high as it could go, the music was immersive and larger than life. At the end we may have left the gig questioning whether the fringes of society have become the new norm and if we should join a cult because let’s be honest…we can weirdly identify with every subject Tropical Fuck Storm sings about.

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