Confidence Man @ St. Luke’s // 08.05.22

Confidence Man are a glorious, technicolour cacophony of sound and visuals that aims to simultaneously empower and entertain.

The concept of the band is one that is easily bought into, you have two incredibly talented veiled instrumentalists in the form of Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie on synth and drums, then up front and centre you have the captivating Janet Planet and Sugar Bones furnishing proceedings with Ibiza podium worthy dancing and vocals. The combined effort is a dazzling, gaudy explosion of indie-sleaze electropop and acid house that would have even the most reticent of the crowd members dancing enthusiastically even on a school night like this…

Hailing from Brisbane Australia, the band exploded onto the scene in 2016 and have been entertaining festival goers on both sides of the Atlantic ever since. Tonight is no exception, in fact it feels like they have brought with them a slice of that shimmering Aussie sun, Scotland has been patiently waiting for.

The band like many, haven’t been resting on their laurels and in fact when the pandemic hit they made a leap of faith and moved in together. The created a makeshift self-titled ‘Fuck Bunker’ where the band have partied hard and pulled together their current album ‘Tilt’ which they are extensively touring across the UK.

From the opening bars of ‘Toy Boy’ the sold out Glaswegian crowd are instantly enamoured, with the jam packed dancefloor writhing and seething with every pounding electronic beat. Taking inspiration from the Talking Heads, Bones and Planet enter the stage (after a short musical interlude) with comically large suits which seem to be operated with some hidden device that makes the shoulders move comically.

It sets the tone perfectly for the remainder of the evening which is, after all, made up in equal measure of theatrics as it is in scintillating music. Think an episode of Schitt’s Creek, set to Alice Deejay. From LCD illuminated cone shaped tops, spraying the crowd with Champaign, countless costume changes to clambering up on to speakers, Confidence Man pull out all the stops to thrill and entertain their fans.

It’s fun, entertaining and guaranteed to make you feel good. The band have carefully curated not only their vivid outfits and choreography but a set list too that is studded with all the fan favourites from across both albums.

Tracks like ‘Woman’ show that the band’s sound can be like electro pioneers ESG, Massive Attack and Liquid Liquid and then on ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ which has proper 90’s rave leanings in the same vein as Crystal Waters.

Break It, Bought It’ is effortlessly cool, spoken word edging on disco rap, a track that wouldn’t be out of place on the sound track to Party Monster. ‘C.O.O.L Party’ sparks a massive singalong from the eager crowd.

New material ‘Loving You Is Easy’ touches on early Moby meets Everything but the Girl whereas our favourite ‘Angry Girl’ verges on Le Tigre meets CSS, proving that Confidence Man are as eclectic as their irreverent stage personas would suggest.

They close the set with ‘Holiday’ however it doesn’t take long before the floor boards are being rattled as the crowd stamp their feet and demand an encore which the band happily provide with ‘Relieve the Pressure’ and ‘Bubblegum’ the latter garners the loudest sing along and most fervent of dancing of the evening.

If you want to move and party, then do not miss Confidence Man when they roll into town.

Words: Angela Canavan

Pictures Rosie Sco

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