Dream Wife @ La Belle Angele // 30.04.2022

Few bands today possess the true energy of the Girl Power movement of the early 90s. Dream Wife exude Girl Power in abundance. With their feminist lyrics and punchy punk rock sound, Dream Wife empower female listeners and show them that there is a place in the music world for girls and women just like them. The band is finishing their UK tour of their second album ‘So When You Gonna..” which was released in July 2020. The tour was initially postponed due to pandemic woes, but the band’s live shows were back in full force this spring. The high- energy live show sincerely made up for the wait.

The Stag and Dagger Festival show in Edinburgh was riotous with lead singer Rakel Mjöll commanding the audience with her powerful voice whilst guitarist Alice Go and bassist Bella Podpadec bounced about the stage playing and dancing their hearts out. Rakel Mjoll at one point started a battle of the band – splitting the audience into halves and having them cheer support for either Alice Go or Bella Podpadec whilst they played their instruments and had an on-stage karate fight. Fans ate up every drop of the fun and were eager to join in or complete any command that was made of them.

Giving fans a preview of new music which is yet to be released, they played new song “Hot” where fans danced whilst being swept away by the chaos. The band reminded the crowd that being a hot bitch was about attitude rather than gender. Boys can be hot bitches too. It was clear from the preview of new material that the lyrics and sound has the potential to be more punchy and powerful than previous releases. We will be awaiting anxiously for the release of the next album.

Outside after the gig I had the opportunity to speak with Alice Go and Bella Podpadec who were extremely gracious, friendly, and kind. You can tell they love what they do as they bubbled with excitement about the live shows. They love their fans, playing music, and touring. Although tired from the night they were already ready for the next show and excited to connect with fans on the road bringing the same high-energy we experienced on the night.

Thanks girls for the fun and we will see you next time you come to Scotland!

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