Metronomy @Barrowlands // 22.04.22

It’s Good to be Back!

Side F have been following Metronomy since way back in 2008, when the band brought out their first studio album ‘Nights Out’ they played at King Tuts and a fire alarm was set off mid set. The full band plus 500 fans were promptly escorted out of the premises (the band sporting full coordinated outfits and flashing buttons, flickering illustriously on wet dark St. Vincent St) only to return 15mins later and absolutely kill it.

So it sure is, very good indeed, to see Metronomy once again back treading the boards in Glasgow, this time at the much loved Barrowland Ballroom and thankfully there was no fire alarm this time to interrupt proceedings… But dare I say it? The show was absolutely FIRE?

Dad jokes aside, the band are currently touring their seventh (yes that’s correct) studio album, titled ‘Small World’ and judging from the incredible diversity of songs played this evening Metronomy may very well indeed have another seven more ahead of them.

Love Factory’ kicks off this evenings show with a fun, upbeat poppy vibe proving that their new material is just as strong as the tracks we’ve always known and loved them for. Next up is ‘The Bay’, the tell-tale intro synth melody, is greeted with tumultuous cheers and applause. It’s from this point on that the ballroom is transformed into one big dancefloor that doesn’t stop it’s rapturous toe tapping, hip swinging and finger pointing boogie until lights are up and it’s time for everyone to go home.

The set is studded with gems from the new album, including; ‘It’s Good to be Back’ which is one of our new favourite tracks right now, ‘Loneliness on the Run’, ‘Things Will Be Fine’ and ‘Right on Time’.

The band seem very comfortable on stage, the set is tight and they have expertly put together a show that is littered with all the quintessential best hits including; ‘Reservoir’, ‘Everything Goes My Way’ (which drummer Anna Prior sings on, giving the song a cutesy yet sultry pop edge), and ‘Holiday’.

Instrumental tracks ‘Boy Racer’ and ‘The End of You Too’ are played back to give frontman Joseph Mount a short mid set reprieve before returning to stage and proclaiming the usual accolades aimed at Glaswegian audiences ‘It’s so good to be back playing the best city in the world’ and a song dedication to Les (I’m assuming of Bay City Rollers fame, possibly an audience member) before playing ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’.

Seconds after the ending bars of ‘The Upsetter’, the hungry audience are stomping their feet on the famously bouncy Barrowland floor demanding an encore. The band oblige with three final songs, ‘Old Skool’, ‘Love Letters’ and ‘You Could Easily Have Me’. It’s hard to remember a time when the Barrowland Ballroom has danced so hard especially during the final two tracks. An outstanding performance from a band that have ultimately proven that they have many more beautiful tricks hiding up their sleeve.

Words: Angela Canavan

Pictures: Angela Canavan

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