Khruangbin @ O2 Academy // 15.04.22

At the O2 Academy in Glasgow, the excitement is palpable. With fans packed from side to side and overflowing on the balconies, there is electricity in the air. Tonight we are seeing Khruanghbin, a phsych-rock band with a range of musical influences from middle-eastern and south american melodies.

The Texas trio is composed of three members: bassist Laura Lee, guitarist Mark Speer, and percussionist DJ Johnson. Arguably one of the most unique sounds coming from any band right now, they ooze funk and style. All members of the group are truly talented, but maybe exceptionally so is the lead guitarist whose notes flow and intertwine to carry listeners on a melodic journey. Unlike most bands today, many of their songs are instrumental with lyrics few and far between. They don’t need words to connect with their audiences but rather only their distinctive sound.

Playing an assortment of tracks from their discography, fans received the greatest hits of Khruangbin. Listening to live versions of personal favorites like “Mr. White”, “Shades of Man”,  “Evan Finds the Third Room”  was truly sublime. One of many highlights was the band playing “Maria También” on bottles of Buckfast.

The building shook from constant dancing and the happiness of the crowd was self-evident. Their live show is highly recommended and one to bring the entire circle of friendsto…regardless of preferred musical genre. Khruanghbin will be loved by all.

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