New Dad @ Oran Mor // 05.04.22

We highly recommend a mid-week musical treat to break up the monotony of home working and the slow burn of the daily grind. With loads of artists currently on tour and fans desperate to see their favourite bands, weeknight gigs are fully in force. Across Glasgow there are a plethora of great acts on tour any night of the week.

This week we had the opportunity to catch New Dad at Oran Mor. If you’ve never heard of New Dad before they are a four-piece dream pop band from Galway, Ireland. Although their sound can be ethereal at times, their hazy melodies, and lively tempos weave together to make their own distinct sound. Listening to their songs it is hard to ignore the heavy 90’s influence, yet their sound is unique and of its own breed.

The crowd danced and sang to favourite songs such as “I Don’t Recognise You” and “Slowly”. Passion for the band was notable in the crowd with fans begging for more. We overheard some fans who had seen them previously discussing how they never play an encore. Despite begging from the crowd to play more, singer Julie Dawson explained, “Guys we just don’t have that many songs”.

With one EP and one short album their discography comes to a total of 11 songs. Despite this, each song the band publishes deserves a listen. After all quality is always more important than quantity. We will be waiting anxiously for the release of more tracks and be in line for tickets the next time they visit Glasgow.

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