White Lies Glasgow SWG3 15.03.22

White Lies are a band that have been consistently releasing material ever since they burst onto the scene way back in 2009 with debut album, ‘To Lose My Life’ unlike so many of their contemporaries their longevity is mainly down to their output. The band have been releasing a steady slew of atmospheric post-punk tunes that border on mainstream pop.

Tonight’s set is a prime example why White Lies have been, and will continue to be, popular on the summer festival circuit. From the opening bars of ‘Fairground’ zero time is wasted whipping the crowd into that festival spirit, with confetti cannons showering the eager crowd and an impressive stage lighting set up.

Four songs into the set and a perplexing amount of guitar changes later (to be fair, if I had such an impressive guitar collection as frontman Harry McVeigh then I would probably show it off too) and the band pull out the big guns with hit single ‘To Lose My Life’.

It’s an instant crowd pleaser with its grungy bass and ethereal synth melodies and easily chantable chorus. McVeigh’s vocals are equal parts the deep grumble of Interpol and the high pitch echo of Ultravox.

The band rattle through a set peppered with gems from the bands whole back catalogue, with standout tracks being ‘Big TV’, ‘Is My Love Enough’ and ‘Tokyo’. White Lies perform their set with genuine gratitude with many a thank you to the audience and honest smiles that would suggest that this is a band that love what they are doing.

A special shout out to Glasgow support VLURE who played a very early support slot that we annoyingly missed out on, who we are determined to see on the 7th of May at The Garage.

The encore opens with ‘Death’ and instantly the audience are singing along at the top of their lungs. Hearing two thousand odd Glaswegians shout ‘This fears got a hold on me’ full pelt is a fine way to round up an otherwise dreary Tuesday evening.

The show ends with ‘As I Try Not to Fall Apart’ from their new album of the same title and ‘Bigger than Us’ which leaves us feeling that this is a band that still have a trick or two up their sleeves.

Words Angela Canavan

Pictures Natalie Vanderpool

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