Cheap Teeth @McChuills 03.03.22

My second time seeing Cheap Teeth, this time not by accident, was a joyous night of heavy-hitting songs and sweaty mosh pits.

Having been on tour for a few days now, the band were sonically tight even despite technical issues with their drum kit.

The band’s stage presence is what really shined. Every sonic output was matched physically with aggressive playing right in front of the crowd, blurring the lines between stage and audience as the set progressed.

It is safe to say I have never seen someone play a tambourine with so much energy – every beat was felt all the way at the back of the venue and the percussive element of their set was not to be missed.

Punchy bass and heavy chords gave songs like ‘I Am The Mud’ and ‘Animal Fat’ the sound they deserved while allowing vocals to be shouted across the room, both by the band and the crowd.

There is something very special about a band that can conjure up the spirits and feelings of perhaps a T in the Park era sing along or a well-known football chant while taking control of every corner of the stage, and Cheap Teeth do exactly that.

I can only hope they bring this same chaotic yet disciplined energy to the rest of their tour and can’t wait to see them back in Glasgow for the next one.

Images by @rosie.sco

Words by Lloyd Ledingham

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