Weird Milk @ The Poetry Club // 19.11.21

Weird Milk leaves a satisfying after taste.

Like most bands post isolation Weird Milk are touring new material from their latest EP We Were Strangers, a delightful romanticised retro, stomp through the highs and lows of romantic entanglements.

Tonight’s show at The Poetry Club is packed full – mainly with teenage girls who have no doubt came for more than the bands dulcet tones.

Opening tonight’s show is Glasgows very own Fuzzy Lop – a delightful quartet reminiscent of Nico and Cate Le Bon. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Weird Milk arrive on stage to rapturous applause from the packed out crowd.

Opening their set with ‘See You Around’ Weird Milk waste zero time getting the party started. The song is an upbeat ditty that highlights just what this band do for bread and butter – creating something that’s fun and ever so bittersweet.

This is the bands second outing to Glasgow (previously playing Broadcast pre-pandemic) and it’s clear to see that this quintet are loving every second of performing.

Next up is a self professed ‘sad song’, ‘Under the Waves’ which sees drummer, Charlie Glover Wright delivering vocals reminiscent of Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip fame.

The band rattle through a playful set full of gems that bring a slice of Beach Boys sun all the while with a 80’s synth undertone.

Lead singer Alex Griffiths vocals are akin to Alex Turner on ‘End of the World’ and ‘Lonely Boy’ has Joe Moyle shaking maracas and the whole room dancing merrily.

With lots of jovial between song banter its clear that these boys are doing what they love.

Set finale ‘Vienna’ leaves the crowd chanting for more, after a very brief interlude the group amble back on stage to play B-side ‘You’ as an encore.

The band make it clear without any pretence that they will be around for a chat and spend ages taking selfies with fans and signing records. A promising outlook for this North London outfit be sure to get down to a gig ASAP.

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