Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads Tribute @BAaD // 06.03.20

Tonight, is the first of two completely sold out screenings of Talking Head’s 1983 seminal recording of their live show at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre. “Wearing a suit and doing a toot” was the notorious tagline as it’s very clear that the band, at the height of their heyday, may have been partial to indulging in some stimulants pre, mid and post show.

Big suits, running man style dances, boomboxes and the infamous lamp dancing sequence are all synonymous with this recording and it’s no wonder the denizens of Glasgow have sold out both nights well in advance of the screening – this is as close to seeing David Byrne and co in the flesh as we will ever get to the full 1983 Talking Heads ensemble.

We got down early to catch Bosco play a delightful new wave set that seen the packed out industrial space at BAaD, shoulder shuffling and bopping along to 80’s synth pop gems. We managed to catch up with the man himself to find out what exactly what inspired him to host such a night.

How long have you been putting on parties?

I’ve been DJ-ing for 30 years and putting on parties for 20 years. First club was at the Soundhaus where Let’s Go Back started. But I’ve been putting on concerts, mostly dance based ones as well.

What made you decide to do this? (apart from the obvious)

Well I never got to see them. And let’s face it, unlikely ever to see them.

So I thought what would be the next best thing.

Tribute act wouldn’t work.

So the Stop Making Sense video is one I tend to watch late at night after a few drinks ha ha.

Ideal choice

Two nights in a row have sold out do you think Glasgow/Glaswegians are burning a candle for David Byrne?


I think Glasgow has a great affinity to New York. Certainly of that era. Bands like Blondie, Velvet Underground, Ramones are incredibly popular here.

And we just like a party, a cool party, but… a party none the less

Are there other films you would consider hosting something similar for? (If so we will be there).

Well yes there’s a few ones that immediately come to mind as obvious choices. But I’m not sure. Kind of prefer to do something nobody has thought of.

Not always easy though

What was the best thing about putting on this party?

No losing money! Ha ha!

Being a promoter is risky job. Maybe the riskiest financially as you’re really only a couple of disasters away from bankruptcy at any time. That said, seeing people really enjoy something you’ve thought up and brought from idea to show. That makes it worth it

What’s next for you?

Next my band Acid Ultras are releasing our first records and Let’s Go Back are playing some of the big summer festivals. So really looking forward to that.

Can you point us in the direction of 5 new bands that are giving you the feels? That we should check out?

Not all new but…

Tom of England

The Emperor Machine

Les Big Byrd

Les Grys Grys

Daniel Moloso

Top 5 tracks you played as part of the new wave set?

B52’s – Private Idaho

The Stranglers – Skin Deep (extended)

New Order – Your Silent Face

Devo – Whip It

Martha & the Muffins – Echo Beach

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