Warm Drag @ SWG3 // 21.11.19

L.A soundhause duo Warm Drag have landed on our dreary little island with a stomp – albeit in a sexy leather and studs vampire sex melee, sort of stomp. The pair are currently on tour all over the UK supporting Fontain’s D.C. so if you manage to have in your possession a ticket, get down early and catch them, you won’t be disappointed.

Vocalist Vashti Windish, is the perfect epithet of femme fatale, she’s serving up suicide blonde meets Nico, with waspish hips that judder in effortless cool in time to the bass. Paul Quattrone (drummer in The Ohh Sees and formerly of !!!) is quite the contrast, he’s detached and completely engrossed, nonchalantly hunched over a table full of gear that is generating a wall of noise. It’s a rich tapestry of sharp guitars, pounding bass and just the right amount of hi-hats and it will make you dance.

The pair saunter on stage and roll right into ‘The Wanderer’ from their 2018 self-titled debut album, it’s instantly full throttle, 120 bpm, Suicide guitars interlaced with the guttural drawl as Windish sways about in full allure mode.

The band, who met by accident at a party and decide to record together, perfectly blend The Kills ‘wild caged animal’ on stage presence and drum loops with the perfect disco, rockabilly cool that would have our very own Bobby Gillespie chapping on the door to see what all that sweet noise is about.

In fact ‘Cave Crawl’ sounds like Alison Mosshart is directly in the room and is a perfect swaggering sex bomb of industrial noise and seething guitars.

Someplace that I Shouldn’t Be’, is a slight change of pace and shows that the band can do both rave in a night club vibe and lo-fi scuzzy garage rock. It’s soaring melancholic reflection on personality judgements and making choices, with The Cramps style guitars.

The band also seem to have brought with them a literal wall of speakers… which makes the reverb on ‘Sleepover’ echo around the room and bounce off the warehouse walls with great clarity. Other standout tracks included, ‘Cruisin’ the Night’ which would make Josh Homme quake in his boots and ‘End Times’ an alluring preamble into the apocalypse with almost a laissez fayre attitude.

Did I mention how sexy it was? Make moves and catch them while they are here on our home turf.

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