Working Men’s Club & PVA @ Broadcast 28.10.19

It’s Sunday night in Glasgow, there is frost on the ground and everyone is working in the morning… yet that doesn’t stop those who have come to hear some big sounds from the West Yorkshire Upstarts.

Opening the show tonight and potentially your new favourite squeeze, are a band called PVA a post-punk, Balearic (yes, I did say that in the same sentence) noise making trio that based in the boroughs of London.


It’s hard to stand still whilst being assaulted by a barrage of synths and drum machines, the band are making serious danceable noise. You can imagine this band tearing it up had this been a good old Sunday night down at Optimo.

Singer and lead button pusher – Ella Harris is serving up cute surly skin head – Annie Lennox if she partied hard in Ibiza look while front man Josh Baxter presents more like an eccentric librarian – with just the right amount of cool a la Mac DeMarco.

Opening track, ‘Talks’ is a glorious mix of grinding techno and fuzzy distorted guitar riffs and is the perfect appetite whetter. The band race through a quick set including gems like, ‘Divine’ and ‘Exhaust’. Closing track ‘Individual’ is a toe tapping, cacophony of sound reminiscent of Depeche Mode partying hard at the Hacienda with Suicide. What’s not to love? Please keep your eyes open for these stalwarts making moves early next year.

The main act tonight, ooze confidence. Working Men’s Club are band that have formed just over a year ago, they possess a disposition that’s brooding and cantankerous.

If you haven’t wrapped your chops around the throbbing disco pulse of the single that is ‘Teeth’ this summer – then, seriously, where have you been?

Working Men’s Club have been the toast of the up and coming new wave scene for months now and have been receiving plaudits all across the country for leading the charge and breathing new life into a scene that has almost collapsed in on itself.

The quartet comprised of – Jake Bogacki (drums), Sydney Minsky-Sargeant (vocalist, guitar) and Mariade O’Connor (vocals, guitar, keys) have added an extra bassist and now permanent member to their live set-up Liam Ogburn. The band  squeeze onto the tiny stage at Broadcast climbing over the mountain of gear in the form of synthesisers, drum pedals, loop machines, cowbells and even a random copy of the autobiography of John G Paton that seems to have made its way into the pedal set up.

It doesn’t take long for Frontman Minksy-Sargent to grab the crowd’s attention, with the posturing of Iggy Pop and the boyish good looks of Iain Curtis he has the demeanour and swagger of someone well beyond his 18 years on this Earth.

Opening track ‘White Rooms and People’, is a magnificent stomp of jagged new wave synth punk, with elements of Devo and Parquet Courts. The room is packed and everyone is dancing.

Single ‘Bad Blood’ see’s Minksy-Sargent whip off his top to the general approval of the crowd (Tapp’s Aff is alive and well in Glasgow even on a frosty night like this). Seconds later he’s in the middle of the crowed swaggering up and down at the front of the stage.

The band hurtle through a set, that for a band still in their infancy is only six songs long, yet imbued with a devout passion and an almost feral agenda to reflect what they can see happening around them in society – but all the while make you dance.

The rest of the set is made up of ‘Cook a Coffee’, ‘Johnny Cooper Clarke’, ‘Be My Guest’ which are all set with the same frenetic energy.

Penultimate track ‘Angel’ however perfectly encapsulates the ‘Wall of Sound’, Mark E. Smith meets Protomartyr meets Gang of Four all down the local pub enjoy a packet of K.P. Nuts aesthetic that the band seem to have mastered.

There is a lot going on from fuzzy reverb to pounding drums and grinding guitars all interlaced with a beautiful disarray of synths.

‘Teeth’ is instantly discernible from the rest of the tracks with the opening grinding, synthed out riff on repeat it sends the tiny basement into a frenzy. Everyone is dancing and the band are playing loud and with that the night has came to an end. It will also no doubt be the only time they play on a stage this small in Glasgow again, let’s just hope it’s not too long before they are back.

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