Pip Blom @ Stereo // 11.10.2019

Currently touring with their first full-length album Boat, Pip Blom graced our presence in Glasgow last Friday night. Relatively new and on the up, this group has a lot of people talking with their lo-fi indie pop jams. With Rolling Stone having described their album as “an instant classic” and just about every other music publication singing their praises as well, it is no surprise that they drew in a large crowd at Stereo.

Concert-goers stood shoulder to shoulder in a packed crowd as they waited for the band to start. At times it felt a bit claustrophobic, however, any discomfort melted away as soon as the Pip Blom hit their first chord with “Tinfoil” a song punching with punk vibes. You can tell the band loves what they do as they bounced and danced on stage in-sync with the crowd never ceasing to smile. It seemed that they enjoyed the show just as much as we did and the atmosphere was simply joyous. The night was all about their music as they switched from one song to the next with barely a break between songs. The only notable chat from the band was to inform us that their mother was slinging merch at their stall and that they would be behind the stand after the gig for a meet and greet.

Although their songs are catchy and bursting with energy,.their lyrics can be thoughtfully intimate speaking about issues we all face. In “Sorry” Pip Blom talks to us about a  breakdown of a relationship where things just aren’t the same anymore singing “It’s not alright, you know you can’t deny/You find it hard to be there by my side”. The band also talks about self doubt and recovery in “Ruby” with lines like “I tried to swim but I feel so self-conscious/So I decide to go where no one watches/And, I know I shouldn’t hide” and “Worst days are over now that I feel fine/Don’t know what to do with all the time, all the time”. The downhearted themes which can be heard in their lyrics are contrasted with cheerful fuzzy indie-pop ultimately making listeners feel optimistic about the difficult feelings associated with everyday situations.

The band played a perfect mix of materials from their early days to their latest album Boat. With their upbeat pop melodies and fast paced rhythms, moshing at the front of the crowd started early and didn’t finish until the final note of the last song “Daddy Issues”. What comes next for the band is unknown, but with a strong jumping off point we are eager to hear what they come up with next.

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