Whenyoung @ King Tuts // 03.10.2019

Whenyoung are a band on the rise. The last time Side-F caught the Limerick trio, was way back in 2017, in a basement bar in Peckham. The band at the time where sporting colour coded boiler suits and had a very DIY feel to their set. Having just moved to London as friends, it didn’t take them long to gather their pop sensibilities and form a band.

Tonight playing in front of a packed out crowd the band present a much more polished set with twee undertones. Bolstered by an additional fourth touring member on guitar the band play a super slick set imbued with 80’s synth and electro pop undertones.

Aiofe Power (perhaps the best name in pop) is a captivating front woman. She’s serving up effortless cool with her cute, Swedish cherub aesthetic and is the embodiment of a fun Cyndi Lauper meets Christa Päffgan of The Velvet Underground.  

Aiofe Power

Her counterparts,’ guitarist Niall Burns – still sporting the art haus boiler suit with strategically placed zips and drummer Andrew Flood are very at ease on stage with one another and all three chime in with some friendly banter in-between songs such as “Me Mum was born in Paisley – I’m still Irish though, she moved there when she was five’.

It’s easy to get the sense that Whenyoung are a candid group of people that you would probably have a great time chatting to over a pint in the pub and in fact they seemed to have garnered a great deal of support from friends they have made in the Glasgow music scene, who have all turned out to show support such as; Walt Disco, False Friends and The 9th Wave.

Set opener ‘Pretty Pure’ is a whimsical ditty with traditional melodies and Pavement-esque guitar riffs. It doesn’t take too long before a small gathering at the front of the stage begin to pogo along – and at one point I’m sure, maybe even the Macarena made an appearance?

At one point Power breaks away from her upbeat energy to pause for a more sombre moment to introduce ‘Future’, she said, “We have to make a future for each other, I don’t know what else you’re supposed to do. This song was written when we were all going through a tough time, our friend passed away by suicide. For him, he could see no future, but for us we all had to go on’. This was met with rapturous applause from the audience and even inspired a bit of a singalong.

‘In My Dreams’ see’s guitars Niall Burns amping up the energy while track ‘The Others’ proves that the band can mix perfectly elements of punk, with their upbeat new wave synth pop.

Niall Burns

The Final track of the evening leaves the crowd with a poignant message about looking after your mental health. ‘Never Let Go’ showcases the band at their best. It’s a mammoth, uplifting wall of noise, with a catchy chorus and riffs crunchier than a granny smith apple that leaves the packed out King Tuts more than satisfied. Catch Whenyoung on tour throughout October before they start to fill up larger venues.

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