Jacuzzi Boys with Faux Ferocious + Deathcats @ Nice N Sleazys // 25.09.2019

Jacuzzi Boys supported by Deathcats and Faux Ferocious can only be described with one word: raucous. From start to finish last night’s gig at Nice ‘N Sleazys was high energy and every band delivered.

Local band, Deathcats, who aptly describe themselves as “surf catcore” started off the night with garage punk vibes. The lead singer was rumbustious matching the group’s rowdy music style. Playing his guitar from every angle emulating Jimi Hendrix in a showmanship-esque way, but on speed. Even though the lead singer may at times steal the stage, the bass player’s punchy bass lines and the drummer set the tempo at the core of their music which is simply fun.


Faux Ferocious, good ‘ol boys out of Tennessee (US),  whose style was garage rock meet jam band, was simply infectious. Most of the songs played on the night were long with minimal lyrics, but the audience couldn’t help but get lost in the music. Their constant adjustment of levels and pedals assured the audience a perfectly balanced yet psychedelically trance inducing sound. The level of musicianship of each individual member was equally as impressive as the next.

The main event of the night was Jacuzzi Boys who were wild. After all, Iggy Pop sings their praises which is no surprise given that they are the definition of rock n’ roll. From the lead singer’s raspy voice fitting a band from the late 70s/early 80s punk era, to the hooky guitar and fuzzy bass, the band seeps cool with their carefree attitudes to match the sound. Formed in 2007 in Miami, FL. and with four albums under their belts, they are no strangers to the stage and exuded confidence before, during, and after their performance. Although they haven’t released any new music since 2016, the night seemed like a compilation of their best material with them pulling tracks from all albums. Favourites such as “Glazin’”, “Double Vision”, “Sun” and “Lucky Blade” helped carry the up-beat vibe into the night which ended with most audience members either dancing, moshing, and for a few, crowd surfing.

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