Redhanded the Podcast Live – Oran Mor 19/09/19

True Crime and murder documentaries are having a moment – it’s no big secret. Netflix have been streaming binge worthy series such as, Making a Murderer and When They See Us which has paved the way for serial killers, stalkers and all sorts of weirdo’s to become the topic of the day in staff rooms across the length and breadth of the nation.

What we didn’t account for was, what appears to be a new wave of feminism to appear on the scene – girls talking and almost obsessing on what lurks in the dark, the macabre and the just plain mean.

Maybe it’s a minor rebellion against the patriarchy or maybe it’s girls banding together to prepare for these nightmare scenarios and how to ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered’ as per the My Favourite Murder tag line.

Riding this wave of nightmare fuel and highlighting the absurdity of these staggering and deplorable deeds is Hannah & Suruthi – two sassy Londoners who met at a party 2 years ago, drank wine and horrified some young kids when the openly dissected the tragic case of JonBenet Ramsey.

After some very low-fi recordings from – literally a cupboard and then beneath a duvet, the girls realised they had a winning formula, which quickly garnered them a loyal following and moved on (thankfully) to a proper recording space.

Since then the podcast has went from strength to strength and now the girls are hop-scotching around the country on a UK tour. Tonight Oran Mor has been set up conference style with seats crammed into the basement. Rows upon rows, predominantly made up of woman – and their partners who seem to have been coerced along for the evening, are intricate laid out and the room is full – and buzzing with excitement.

The girls are greeted on stage to rapturous applause and the girls ease in to a vivid recalling of notorious serial killer and necrophile Ed Kempur the ‘Co-Ed Killer’. It’s a meaty subject matter, dark, unsavoury and shocking to the core – it’s everything the audience want and what’s not to love?

The girls seamlessly breeze through a colourful retelling of Kempur’s childhood, flip-flopping between each narrator with gaudy tales of their own lives such as, university drinking games and references to 90’s TV hit Clarissa Explains it All, interwoven between the eerie tales of Kempur’s childhood entrenched with neglected.

Two and a half hours’ breeze by effortlessly as the audience are shaken and perplexed by the gruesome story. The night ends with the promise from Hannah and Suruthi to come and hang out at the bar and meet the eager audience. Hop on the murder bandwagon before it’s too late.

Angie Canavan

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