FUR @ Broadcast // 18.09.2019

Summer is definitely over. The weather is cooler. The days are becoming shorter while the weeks are becoming a bit more hectic…seeming longer. As it is a Wednesday, the weekend is close but, oh how it seems so far away. Experiencing a bad case of the hump day blues and needing Friday feels, I headed down to Broadcast to catch FUR, a band from Brighton that I’ve personally been obsessing over for the past year. Turns out their upbeat melodies and jangly guitars was the pick me up I needed.

If William Murray (singer/guitar) wouldn’t have told us that they almost didn’t make it to the gig due to his wisdom tooth woes we would have never known as their performance was close to perfect and their energy infectious. FUR played a mix of older and newer material so there was something for everyone whether you were a fan who has followed them since the beginning or have only just discovered them recently. They drew us in with crowd favourites such as ‘All My Dreams’ , ‘Not Enough’, and ‘Him and Her’. At times the set list felt  like an emotional rollercoaster [one we wanted to be on] with slower ballads nestled between upbeat, carefree tracks. One minute the audience was swaying from side to side hypnotised by William Murray’s slow serenades and the next having a wee boogie as the whole band played. We all left the gig bouncing, on a musical high…and maybe with our legs a bit sore.

I will admit that it isn’t only their music that I love. It is their complete aesthetic which is utterly retro making you nostalgic for a time when you weren’t even alive and that you’ve only seen in old movies. The combination of their fashion choices and music style feels as though they are the “free love” children of Buddy Holly and The Beatles. With genetics this strong hits are sure to follow.

“It wasn’t always like this” is a phrase used by bands who spent years trying to get discovered, but for FUR it kinda was always like this. With their first video going viral on Youtube at a time when they had no label or even a manager, it is safe to say they started with a bang and not a whimper. Now that video, ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’, has successfully amassed over 8 million views and justifiably so as they have successfully modernised an older sound giving us something we didn’t even realise we were longing for. As a band with only one EP under their belt they have an incredibly mature, unique sound which some bands fail to have even after playing together for a decade. Now on the label Nice Swan, with a proper team supporting them, and a solid fan base they have an even more promising future ahead and the only way is up.

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