It’s great to curate!

The A-side and B-side are the two sides of phonographic records and cassette tapes. These two terms are found printed on most labels of two-sided music recordings. The A-side usually features a recording that its artist, producer, or record company intends to be the initial focus of promotional efforts and radio airplay and hopefully become a HIT RECORD. The B-side (or “flip-side”) is a secondary recording that typically receives less attention, although some B-sides have been as successful as, or more so than, their A-sides. WE are bringing you SIDE F. Music for EVERYONE ENDORSED BY GIRLS.

We are the Side F Girls and we are back with a bang providing you with an independent platform of exposure for upcoming and touring artists who visit Glasgow. We specialise in honest music reviews with a female bent.

Girls talking and writing about music is our angle!

Sourcing you the very best, raw talent to play the scuzzy streets of Glasgow we bring you fresh sounds from near and far.

It’s been a hot minute Glasgow but the Side F girls are ready!

See you down the front,

Ang & Nat